Ovium – Reusable Cotton Pads – White – Large

Our makeu-up remover pads are extremely soft in touch, lasting a long time and very addictive! Our main aim is the best quality. 


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Ovium Reusable Cotton Pads White Large

Use it, wash it, dry it and use it again for the next 3 month or even longer. Ovium make-up remover pads are simple, minimalistic, ecological and money-saving solutions.

Quality First

Ovium Reusable Cotton Pads are extremely soft in touch, lasting a long time and very addictive! Our main aim is the best quality. 

You will fall in love with them! Believe me, that will be a game changer in your daily skin care – no more skin irritation and unpleasant rubbing.

You will not find anywhere else better reusable make-up remover pads.

Our design is protected. At first sight, Ovium pads can look similar to other reusable make-up remover pads available in the market. However, truly they are much better.There is no stitching on the edge of the pads – they are so soft in every inch. We developed these pads with delicate skin in mind. Using Ovium make-up remover pads helps you avoid any skin irritations.

Small step which matters:

Most of us use approx 2 cotton wool pads daily. After one year, the amount grows to 730! That’s a lot of waste in the one year scale. 

Using reusable cosmetic pads, helps decrease the waste to 4 cosmetics pads per year. 

Work ethic matters!

Ovium reusable make-up remover pads are made in a small sewing workshop in Poland. We are against unethical work practices and we are definitely not looking for the cheapest option – Our goal is the best quality.


Fabric: 100% organic cotton
Diameter: 7cm

Made in Poland


How to use reusable make-up remover pads?

That depends on the products which you use. 

For cleansing oil and balms:

Apply cleansing products on your face and neck. After massage, remove the rest of the make-up and product by wet make-up remover pad.

For micellar water:

Before putting micellar water, moisten the pad with the water and squeeze it. Applying the product on the wet pad will help to absorb less products. 

Care Informations:

We use high quality certified organic cotton to make our make-up remover pads so we are sure that the pads will last you long time. Wash your reusable pads straight after using. Leaving them without washing can cause discoloration.
Exception: black reusable make-up remover pads can be left without washing for a few days. 

Hand wash them with household soap daily. We recommend sometimes  washing them in the washing machine with a gentle washing conditioner which will help them keep the soft touch.  Ironing can be beneficial too. 

 How long Can I use the same Ovium cosmetic pad?

After every wash, cotton loses some fibres and that can cause a slight loss of the softness. To keep your pads soft, we recommend changing your make-up remover pads for a new one every 2-3 months (during everyday usage). However, If you feel that your pad is still soft after 3 months, you could still use it! Remember, buying a set of 4 Ovium reusable makeup remover pads can last you the whole year!

Is it hygenic?

They are! they will pass the tests for problematic complexion too. 

 however, you need follow few simple steps:
– wash them regularly

  • dry them in the dry place (moisture can cause germs growing) 

For better comfort you can iron Ovium cosmetic pads.

Discomfort during cleansing eyes?

If the standard cotton wool pads cause any discomfort or irritation, The Ovium products could be the perfect solution for you. Organic cotton and our make-up remover pad’s structure is suitable for very sensitive skin. 

Make-up removing process will be delightful with Ovium products.