Hey, I’m Ania.

I will tell you the story of the creation of my brand.

It all started with a book by Bea Johnson who wrote about her zero waste methods of living. Following the author, I decided to sew my own reusable makeup remover pad. I found it a great way to generate less waste in my home – it is something that I am able to do along the way, without much effort, but with a real impact on the ecology. I used my son’s worn out clothes to make the pad. Unfortunately, it was poor. It was rough and unpleasant to the skin.

I didn’t like it so I went back to the one-time option.

After some time, just before going to bed, I thought that I could find the perfect material and create reusable pads that will be loved by almost everyone. This idea shone in my head so strongly that I quickly got down to work. I tried a whole lot of materials with different densities and weaves, and finally found the ideal one. This is how Ovium was created – extremely soft for the skin and environmentally friendly.

I love it.